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Passive Income Ideas

You will find this website focused on Passive Income Ideas.  There will also be sources of information regarding common products and services that are available to the average consumer.

I will be taking a look at these products and services in a Review format.  Upon the completion of a review, I will be sharing my unique perspective, which will result in a recommendation.  Sometimes I will approve, sometimes disapprove, and sometimes highly recommend.

What Makes My Perspective Unique?

The irony is that I am a Baby Boomer, and there are soooo many of us, how could my perspective be unique?

The angle I am taking should become more clear, once your continue below.

I have been on the internet for over 20 years.  I am not advanced in the use and development of it.  Far from it.  I do, however, understand the power and importance of what takes place on the internet.  It is a vast resource, and if you have the time and persistence, you will be able to find what your are looking for.

Where it becomes problematic, is that inevitably, when I am trying to research a topic, most of what I find has been written and developed by someone who is at least 20 or more years younger than me.

Yes, I understand the logistics.  These are the primary people who accessed the internet at a young age,Passive Income Ideas if not at birth, they are the natural internet royalty.  It makes absolute sense that they would and should occupy these positions.

But this does not make my not identifying with these whipper snappers, any less of and issue.

An analogy might be the issue of the lack of racial diversity on television in the 70’2 and 80’s.  if you watch interviews of significant Black Americans, you will hear then state that they watched television, but did not identify with the characters because they did not see actors that “looked like them”

On the internet, they majority of contributors, do not “sounds or think like me”.  They may be brilliant and efficient, but their effectiveness is lost on a Baby Boomer like myself.

Baby Boomers


I find they tend to make assumptions about what people should know, and brush off those who do not. That would be ME!

Thus No Spring Chicken Residual Income was born.

MoneyI intend to discuss passive income ideas that would be of interest to folks over the age of 40.  We really do look for different things regarding the reason for and extra source of income.  This might include a shorter time horizon, creating a legacy for children, supplementing retirement income, originating amounts of capital, aging and health, just to name a few.

Young people are less likely to have this perspective.  It is not wrong, it is just not a great fit.

When generating passive income ideas for Baby Boomers, it would be helpful to recognize and address the changing needs of an aging segment of the population.

Baby Boomers want to access various income producing ideas, they just need a different approach in the description of how it works and how it will add value to their lives.

Online Passive Income Ideas

The focus of the types of residual income creating plans will be those that take place online.  Baby Boomers may be older, but they are not stupid.  The internet is where it is at, to be sure.

Many Baby Boomers have incorporated travel as an integral part of their lives.  By creating residual income online, they become location independent.  This allows them to work where they want, when they want.

This fits perfectly with the narssisistic nature of the Baby Boomer, according to Bruce Cannon Gibney     who wrote ” A Generation of Sociopaths”

Take a moment to scan this website and what it has to offer to anyone, but especially the Baby Boomers.

If you have any questions of comments, I welcome them below.Judy5


Judith Laverty


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4 thoughts on “Home Page: Passive Income Ideas”

  1. Great intro Judith!

    I am quite interested in some sources of passive income. Thank you for deciding to create this website. I’ll definitely bookmark it. In your opinion, do you think there is a way to earn enough money online to replace a full-time income? What will be the best solution for this? How much can someone actually earn online?

  2. I can definitely relate to what you speak of seeing I am a baby boomer myself. You know the saying “get in where you fit in.” Well baby boomers and the Internet is not a natural fit.
    We have to learn its usefulness. And be humble enough to ask these youngsters for help. Your review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program shows how anyone of any age can benefit from there tutelage.

    I like the step by step teaching and moving along a your own pace. Baby boomers are seeing a changing of the guard. But as the world changes. It is good to know we can still get in where we fit in with Wealthy Affiliate.

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