How to Build a Website with WordPress: Relief for Newbies!

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How to Build a Website with WordPress

You have a brilliant idea you know the world is yearning toIdea discover! You are about to join the billion other people who are on the internet. You are going to build a website.



You can do it!


Are you kidding?

Let me rephrase that: Who are you trying to kid, you don’t know anything about websites, or how to start one, or what to do next……

The reason this is familiar, is because these are the stages I went through when I first decided to start my blog.

I started with an idea.  I was not far into the implementation of the idea before I started to think that was the easy part.

I did not know where to begin.  Now what?

WordPressHow to Build a Website with WordPress

I am happy to report that I found how to build a website with WordPress.  WordPress allows you to create a website, without being a web developer or knowing how to code.

WordPress is “ an open source project, which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it, everything from documentation to the code was created by and for the community”

It can be easy to download and install.  To do this you need a web host and  the free time you wish to invest in in your free WordPress blog in seconds.  It is completely customizable and can be used for anything.


The drawback as I see it, was the need to download and install on my own.  When it comes to this technical stuff, I just freeze.  Yes, programs will say “it is easy, just follow the steps and Bob’s your uncle!”  It NEVER works out that way for me.

I have a theory that the people who write things like that, have done it so many times, that to them it is easy.    

PlanetBut for someone like me, who is older and not completely at ease with “all things internet”, even the simplest of instructions can seem like they came from another planet.

If I made an attempt, it usually resulted in HOURS of frustration, followed by giving up, and vowing to NEVER try anything like this again.

Thank goodness I found how to build a website with WordPress, which I could manage, in under 30 seconds!

But don’t take my word for it, watch this simple video below and it will show you how it is done.  Besides, if I tried to explain things, I would just mess it up!  Take a peek:


How  to Build a Website with WordPress


How to Build website With WordPress
How to Build a Website With WordPress


Now, wasn’t that simple?

Of course, building a website with WordPress took me longer than 30 seconds, but you get the idea.

The proverbial “If I can do this, anyone can!” actually does apply in this instance.  And, as evidence, here is one of the websites that I have created:

The point is that a technically challenged old gal, like myself, Thumbs Upwas able to create  a couple of websites, with no frustration, and all my hair remaining in my head!


You Can Learn How to Build a Website with  WordPress For Free!

Now that you’ve seen that you can build a website with WordPress, you need to know the steps you will take in order to set up your first FREE WordPress website.

This includes many different themes you can choose from that will suit your niche topic. Included is access to a community of knowledgeable individuals who are ready to help with any training that is included with your website.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE)
  2. Build your WordPress Website.

You may be thinking “There has got to be more to it than that….”  The short answer is “Nope!”

The more involved answer is that there is a thorough step by step process that is laid out for you to follow.  You can not go wrong!

The directions are just like following a recipe, except in the end you have a website, instead of a cake!

Happy With Your Results?

Now that you have created your free website, I ask that you post it here in the comments section below.  I am curious to see your niche and share it on social media.

Social Media

There are over a billion people on the internet every day.  Let’s get some of that traffic moving your way!

And of course, I am here to help.  If you have questions or Judy5comments, I welcome them below.


Judith Laverty


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4 thoughts on “How to Build a Website with WordPress: Relief for Newbies!”

  1. Judith, I loved your post! You make anyone feel right at home when visiting. No not only do you make your readers feel welcome you have shared some valuable information. I have felt this way so often and feeling pretty insecure I must add at not knowing all the techy stuff they ‘think is easy’ when it really isn’t. Thank you for saying it as it is and sharing the best recipe I too have found. Wealthy Affiliate works and is the best and most honest and that is huge on the Internet.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I suppose that I am just saying what many other people are thinking. For me, it has always been best that I shoot from the hip! Even though, I may have had difficulty, Wealthy Affiliate made things clear for me, which adds to my self confidence.

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