How to Sell Kindle Books on Amazon

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How to Sell Kindle Books on Amazon

There is a great deal of interest in becoming an author, particularly on Kindle through Amazon.  People are lead to believe that anyone can upload a book on Amazon, and the money will start to flow in.

Parts of this statement are true.  The mechanics of formatting and uploading a book on Kindle are very straight forward and simple to execute.  This is not difficult.  Also, if you have difficulty doing this, or just do not want to do it, you can hire folks to do this type of work at a very low cost.

But this is not what sells the book.  There are some maneuvers that an aspiring author can use to increase the odds of becoming a bestselling author.

 Would You Sell Kindle Books on Amazon?

If you have a burning desire to write a fiction novel or tell an important life story, Kindle is a wonderful place to get started.  But, unless your story organically becomes wildly successful, you may not want to count on it becoming a best seller.  There are literally millions of books on Amazon Kindle, so the competition can be fierce.  But go ahead and publish, it does not cost you anything, and you will have the satisfaction of completion.

Sell Kindle Books on Amazon

However, if you are approaching Kindle as a place to creates sales that can become a substantial income, there is a complete different strategy.

Tips on How to Sell Kindle Books on Amazon 

Select a Niche

Selecting a niche can be daunting.  You start with finding an area of interest. An example might be “Sports”. Sports is an extremely broad area of interest. To find a niche within this topic you must keep narrowing it down until you get very specific.  For example:


Basket BallNiche




Basketball Shoes

Mens’ Basketball Shoes

Buying Mens’Basket Ball Shoes

How to Pick the Right Mens’ Basket Ball Shoes

(this is an example, not a suggestion)

In this case, the niche would be “How to Pick the Right Mens’ Basket Ball Shoes”.

You want to make sure the niche you select is profitable.

One way to do this is to check on under Kindle Best Sellers list to see what is selling.  Another way to do this is to check the Top 100 list.   Be clear if you are looking at fiction or non-fiction.

A way to check for a profitable niche outside of Amazon is to go to and research their Article Categories section, and click through their topics.


Keyword Search

It is imperative that you do a keyword search to aid in the sale of your book.  Do your keyword search in Amazon under Kindle store.  Put the keyword or phrase into the search bar. Remember that the more specific and longer the key word search is, will reduce the number of people searching for this topic.  You want the searcher to find your book, with your keyword in the title.

Also note how many books are showing up in your search.  If there are many books, this means more competition.  You do not want competition.

You want to pay attention to the top few books and how they are ranked, in your category.  You want to find a niche topic that is ranking at 100,000 or less.  These books are making a profit.

Try to choose a keyword that leads to areas that are not over saturated.

Poor Rank Over 100,000

Keyword 1



 Good Rank Under 50,000

Keyword 2




It is of the utmost importance that you have the principal keyword in the title of the book.  Preferably, the first words of the title should be the keywords.  The title should also be short.  You can cover off any important leading information in the subtitle.


Your cover design is important, especially in the digital world.  You want something that will stand out from the others.  It must catch the readers eye.  Check the existing covers in your topic, and let that guide you towards a superior design.

Book Cover


Once your book is published on Kindle, it is time to promote it.  There arePromotion many avenues, both free and paid to promote your book.


There is a free promotion stage on Amazon Kindle.  While you are in this phase, you should be promoting you book on Twitter and Facebook.  Encouraging free downloads will improve your ranking in Amazon.  Hopefully the people who download the book will also submit reviews, which will raise your ranking.

Additional Publishing

It is important to access all the resources available.  Once you have published on Kindle, you can also take this exact book and publish it as a paperback on CreateSpace, which it a subsidiary of Kindle.  A large portion of the population still prefer to read actual books.

The next production is to create an audible version of you book through ACX.


Some sources of selling your book outside of Amazon are: Smashwords, Google Play, Kobo, and Nook.



This has been a modest overview of how to sell Kindle books on Amazon. It is by no means exhaustive.  The selling process is somewhat unique because it is Kindle.  The market place at kindle is immense.  It is a speculative area, but with hard work, it can be lucrative.

Steve McDonald offer a $99 course  through Udemy.

In my opinion Selling Kindle Books on Amazon is difficult and a gamble. I Do Not Recommend this.

A Better Solution Choice

Selling online, like all other talents and skills, needs to be honed.  This a type of art form that takes practise to improve, and master over time.

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  1. I’ve always wondered how do people do it and you’ve given me the answers. This is an option for low budget writers that need a platform to expose their books. I agree with you that the cover has an important part. Do you know where I can create book covers online?

  2. Love your site, especially the title. I can relate.
    Enjoyed the way you write and the detailed content you produced. The best out there. Thanks, Deanna

  3. Hi there,
    Many thanks for this informative review on eBooks, its a very topical niche as we speak. I suspect that this is the way forward today, ie, there is a generation that will only purchase digital information and if we are thinking of a publication, it will have to be download available.
    You have covered all the pitfalls here on your post and after reading same, you have stripped it all down to the bare bones and its now very doable.
    It’s not as daunting as I thought it was and the interesting point for me is that I have started my own ebook.
    I will save this post for further reference.
    Many thanks for this relevant information.
    Cheers Phil Browne

    1. Thank you for the comment.  I hope your book is a success. If you have the content completed, the rest is quite straight forward.

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