Keyword Research Tool: Component of Squirrly SEO WordPress Plugin: Review


Part I: Keyword Research Tool

As I move along the continuum of the Life of a Blogger, I am frequently reminded of the importance of having access to a user friendly keyword research method.

In the beginning….

When I was starting out, the powers that be who were teaching me, encouraged me to write about what I had an interest in.

Seemed reasonable. Doable.

Write as if you were speaking to someone you know. 

I can do that.

Oh, and one other thing, you have to find keywords to use in each post. 

O.K., I have  3 Education degrees, I have an advanced vocabulary, should be a piece of cake, I can come up with keywords.

Yeah, the keywords are special words and or phrases that are significant to the content of your blog.  They are the foundation of your website.  The subject matter of each page should be attached directly to keywords or phrases.  When you choose your keywords, you are actually trying to target or match what the largest amount of people will use when initiating a search on Google, or which ever search engine they are using.

Hmm. Now things are getting a little dicey.  Anything else I need to know about keywords?

Yes. Some keywords will have thousands of searches, which will make them so competitive, you shouldn’t bother. Other keywords might seem perfect, but they have such a low number of searches, they too become useless. 

Ahhh, I have to find the right keywords in the right combination, the keyword sweet spot, so to speak, that will satisfy the need of SEO (Search Engine Optimization),  which in turn will get me ranked in such a way that internet users will go to MY website, and not the other guys’. (all while standing on one foot, your right hand in the air and wearing a tinfoil hat) 

If you do it right, your site will end up on the first page of Google, regarding your topic, thus increasing the odds that traffic will click on your site and immerse themselves in the wisdom you have created.

Getting more and more restricted….I hope someone will teach me how to do this…

At this point I was directed to a free keyword search tool, and aFrustration demonstration on how to use it was performed, I was left to my own devises.


The fact is that when you get something for free, you get what you paid for.

I struggled for hours with keywords, trying to assess whether they were ideal or even fair.  I literally wasted whole afternoons, struggling over the discovery of a great keyword.  And, as you will see, I ended up using poor keywords on an otherwise great post.  A great post becomes meaningless, if no one sees it.


The  free tool I was using had the option to upgrade to a pro version, which offered more searches, and a better storage system. I still was not getting the whole keyword thing, so I felt it was not a great idea to upgrade and start paying for something I was not fully understanding.  Besides, I am inherently cheap.

SearchingI decided to check out other keyword search tools until I was satisfied with the features and benefits it had to offer.

I had started to look at the use of keywords with dread. The searches made me feel unsure and lacking confidence in an area where I was otherwise quite comfortable. It made me procrastinate creating posts, and I started to rethink my Blogging venture.

I even considered just writing and hoping for the best, which is the same as gambling.

I needed a solution.

When the Student is Ready,

The Teacher Will Appear


Being a novice, I was learning in leaps and bounds.  I was taken aback by the volume of things that I needed to know and implement.  I needed to prioritize the things I was learning.

I decided I needed to know more about SEO and how crucial it is to the success of a website.


I used to just ignore “SEO” thinking it was for the more advanced, technically skilled developers. But the more I listened to my peers and instructors at seminars, I started to get more familiar with it, more comfortable.  I could not likely explain SEO to another person, but I was starting to grasp the importance and the implementation of it.

I work from the WordPress platform.  My founding group, Wealthy Affiliate , uses the standard All-In-One SEO Pack Plugin.  It does the job and it is free, which makes it great for beginners.

After some time, I had a peer refer me to Squirrly SEO.

This was a game changer!

Squirrly SEO has a free plugin, which I took advantage of.  My friend tried to explain Squirrly SEO to me, but she could not do it justice, with the spoken word.

You see, Squirrly SEO is highly interactive and visual.  I was hooked.  It lead me to proper optimization of my posts.

And best of all:  There was a Keyword Research Tool included! This was such a wonderful gift!  Not only was I to now have excellent optimization of my posts, I discovered a way to search keywords that did not make me want to curl up into the fetal position.

Let me show you this tool:

  • It is user friendly, great for a beginner
  • Written and YouTube tutorials are provided
  • It is interactive and intuitive
  • You still have to start your search with your own idea, but the keyword search tool will help with alternate or related suggestions
  • The use of colour helps you navigate and recognize the meaning of the indicators
  • The indicators use words, phrases and numbers
  • You are able to see where the keyword ranks, before you commit to using it in your post
  • Once you have narrowed down your keyword, there is a box where you can enter it to see if it is weak or strong, feedback is instant
  • There is no need to deactivate the plugin you are currently using, they will work side by side
  • At this point you designate you keyword or keyword phrase, and Squirrly SEO takes over to optimize.



I identify as technically challenged.  Often when it comes to anything non social, I seize up.  So you can imagine my surprise and ultimate delight in using this keyword research program.  I am so excited!

Once I was comfortable using the features of this plugin, it allowed me to go back to my old posts and rework them to improve their optimization.

Who is this For?

I would recommend this to anyone, but particularly to newbies, and people who appreciate the interactive and intuitive nature of this part of the plugin.

Someone who is advanced might view it as juvenile, I see it as an indispensable asset.

I highly recommend

researching keywords

with this tool.



The Keyword Research Tool is part of the Squirrly SEO Plugin, so the cost is relative.  The cost of the Squirrly SEO Plugin ranges are:


Free Plan                                 $0.00 Limited Use,

Keyword Research Tool


Pro Plan                                   $$19.99/ month

Keyword Research tool


Agency Plan                            $75.99/month



Currently, Squirrly is offering an outstanding discount, which locks in for life.  For example, for myself, in Canada, I took the Pro Plan (I only have 2 websites!) at a cost of $124.99 annually, locked in for life.  That works out to $10.42 a month.  This is less than most of the Keyword Research Tools were alone, and I am getting SEO also!

So, for about the same as the cost of couple Starbucks a month, I have all my SEO and Keyword Research needs met, not bad at all!

Relieve some stress from your daily activity, try the Free Plan with Squirrly SEO, you won’t regret it!


You may be interested in my primary source of learning and application of online activities.  I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, a place where anyone can learn EVERYTHING needed to become a successful Affiliate Marketer, and you can start for FREE!

Click here for a somewhat whimsical review of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have questions or comments, I welcome them below.


Judith Laverty

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  1. Hi Judith
    I was really interested in this seo keyword plugin for wordpress. But after looking on there site It’s not available in the Uk as yet ! That’s a real shame.

  2. Great information. Keyword tools are the “key” to getting the traffic you need. A user friendly one is definitely a plus. The one you mentioned has more features and advantages than the one I use now. I think I will make a change. Any idea when it will be available in the UK?

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