Phone Scams On The Rise: What to Avoid


Almost everybody has a mobile phone these day.  Of course, the scammers see this as prime real estate for executing their dastardly deeds. It is no wonder the incidence of phone scams are on the increase.

According to Money Tips: “2015, approximately 27 million Americans (11% of the adult population) were victimized by phone fraud, compared to only 7% in a similar 2014 survey. Total 2015 losses to phone scams was $7.4 billion, or an average loss of nearly $274 per victim. Scams are trending in three alliterative aspects: mobile devices, men, and millennials”.

Telephone scams are the hottest thing the fraudsters and manipulators are taking advantage of.   By now, everyone has heard of the Nigerian Prince scam that circulates the internet via email.  At least I hope everyone knows about this…. Continue reading “Phone Scams On The Rise: What to Avoid”